babybabo whispered: Hello! I'm using your Romantico theme on one of my side blogs and I wanted to know if its possible to make the question people as you to be darker or bolder than the reply I post?

you have to find {question}

and put <b> before it and </b> after it

smhboys whispered: Hello. I cannot figure out how to write on my topbar for your romantico theme... Please help!

Anonymous whispered: How do you adjust the thickness of the frames around posts in theme #6 Romantico?

find #content{

change the width to 580px

then find .yaoi{

then find

border: 1px solid {color:post border};

change the 1px to a higher number like 2 or 3 or so to your liking

Anonymous whispered: on romantico i can't seem to change the post fonts at all. i changed all the fonts but it stays at the same font. D:

oopps find body{

change the font-style to font-family

Anonymous whispered: Hi! How do you remove the topbar from theme #6 Romantico? Thanks in advance!


<div id=”bar”><div id=”bartext”>

{text:topbar text}



Anonymous whispered: hello, i've a question for the romantico theme, i want to put a text on the top, where you have “PAIN IS INEVITABLE. SUFFERING IS OPTIONAL.” - HARUKI MURAKAMI but i don't know how :( also i want to change the font in the sidebar description and the space between letters, help me please

for the word at the top, scroll down on your appearance tab and put the desired word/phrase in the text box.



font-family: courier;

change the font there, and then do the same for #coffee a and #coffee a:hover