Anonymous whispered: do you realize that some people are bad at tweaking themes lol hahah

do you realize that most people are just really demanding and lazy? i mean that’s why there was a thememaker blackout

Anonymous whispered: Are HOW TO PUT PIXEL ON OUR BLOG in your faq?

yes, under generics

Anonymous whispered: i love you themes katie! <3

thanks, anon!

Anonymous whispered: One suggestion: maybe put fading option on some theme?

i have already answer something similar to this.

Anonymous whispered: I love your themes!

thank you!!!

Anonymous whispered: hello do you hear me?? ill try anon how to make my 2colomn theme's posts bigger the html code is so long help to me,please ^^

1. i don’t know what theme you are using
2. sorry but i’m currently not accepting any tweak request; you can try looking through my FAQ/ANSWERS section

Anonymous whispered: I think you should add fading option not like hover lol cuz I think everyone needs it. Just sayin

i make my themes the way i want it and if you want extra options

you can add it in yourself, just sayin.

     -webkit-transition: opacity 0.6s linear;
-webkit-transition: all 0.6s ease-in-out;
-moz-transition: all 0.6s ease-in-out;}

put this before </style>

and change the opacity to your liking. 1 being highest and 0.9 and lower is lower opacity.

Anonymous whispered: can you add one column option to wallflower. uhm it's ok if you don't...

i’ve already respond to an ask on how to convert wallflower from 2columns to 1column

Anonymous whispered: back to the language question... i mean how do you change your theme's language to japanese and not english??? ?

that’s not part of my theme dear. you change the language option in your tumblr setting

Anonymous whispered: anyway to strip down to one column on the wallflower theme?

find #content

and change the width to a smaller width pixel until you get 1 column

Anonymous whispered: theres only endles scroll option on wallflower.


like i said, it’s a really simple theme

Anonymous whispered: how do you change the language in a theme not on my tumblr blog, but the theme itself?

language????? what language

Anonymous whispered: How to add fading to wallpaper? You should put fading options... it'll be nice! <3

i did put fading option!

Anonymous whispered: uhm for your newest theme, when i scrolled down my follow button disappear. is it my website fault?

it could be your browser/computer because i tested this theme 15mins ago along with 15+ people and it works fine

Anonymous whispered: Are you able to add the option fading on your blue theme?

huh? just check the box for fading image

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